Growing up in the countryside in Sweden surrounded by the most beautiful thing in the world, I learned to love nature. There is no shape more perfect than the ones you find in a leaf, on a tree a flower or a root. I love the imperfection in an object and how nothing in nature looks exactly the same even if they come from the same tree.

After several years in the fashion industry working with Sales, Visual Merchandising, Styling and Personal Shopping I found myself always searching for the pieces I couldn't find, so it became natural for me to create them myself. My pieces are made by me at my studio in London. For me, jewelry completes a look and a basic outfit can come to live with the right jewelry. 

I believe that Fashion and style is something you should have fun with, I personally Love to mix and match my jewelry and I don't follow rules. 

Welcome to my world!  

 Gabriella Lundgren

Founder and Designer