I always loved writing and sharing my thoughts and experiences by putting them down in words. A love I lost and recently found again. We tend to scroll images and videos on social media without really knowing the meaning behind each post. I myself am guilty of this too as I share pictures of my designs, but there is so much more behind it that doesn’t get a chance to come out. 

So this is my forum to get my current thoughts out.


A colour I didn’t feel much for until now. After a bit of research, I understood that a special shade of pink actually is proven to have a calming effect on people. Maybe unintentionally I was drawn to the colour because I needed it. As you might have noticed I therefore recently shot a lot of my jewelry with pink accessories. Here for example our Seamless hoops in silver. I love how beautiful the silver colour comes out on the pink. 

 Seamless Hoops Silver


 With the obsession with pink comes another obsession with artist James Turrell. I love his light installations (especially the fuschia pink ones, surprise surprise) and I’m dreaming to one day seeing them in reality. Do check out his work HERE.


I have been trying to get back into the habit of reading daily, for me it actually works like some kind of meditation when I do. It calms me down. I usually read one novel and one book related to a subject that I’m interested in. I then alter these two books depending on my mood at that very moment.

I recently finished Start With Why by Simon Sinek, what a game-changer! As my business is very much intertwined with me it helped me find my direction again and really go back and listen to MY gut-feeling and inner voice, that we so easily lose along the way, or at least I did. 

To say the least, I’m very excited about the upcoming things I’m working on right now with my brand, and I hope you follow me along the way! 

Hope you liked this honest journal to get to know the person behind my brand better.

Much love

GL xx


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