Meet Tina; Contributing Photographer

Meet Tina; Contributing Photographer

G Tell us a little bit about yourself and what do?

I am a curator and photographer based in London. Originally form Moscow, Russia, I used to live in Shanghai for a while, and moved to London 4 years ago. In my practice, I try to combine the form and substance of things, exploring pressing issues and expressing them in my personal aesthetics. This is something I love about Grundglen too: it has timeless style and a very personal story behind the brand.

How would you describe your style?

I would say, strong classics plus statement pieces. I love to experiment with trends, but learned that not all of them suit me (hard way). I'd say the silhouettes always make the look, so I go from the architecture of clothing and accessories first, and take it from there

Who or what inspire you in life?

So many things. I like photography, because it makes me notice things that can be really small and unimportant but either way beautiful. I love to be by myself, and experience art or beautiful surroundings on my own – this is a very inspiring and charging process for me.


What makes you smile?

Love my friends!! They are always the ones we have the best time together with, and I smile a lot when my closest people are around. Best feeling in the world

What is your first jewelry memory?

My grandma has these boxes of vintage jewelry, and she used to give us random pieces almost every time we'd come visit. I have two sisters so always had to fight for the best ones!

Favorite pieces from G Lundgren?

I love the caffs, they became my go-to when I need to elevate my look but keep it simple